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Privacy Policy

  • Private Grischunaweg Apartment for 3

    This accommodation is a full private apartment and is available from 19.01.-25.01.2020 (6 nights). It is located at Grischunaweg Davos-Platz, within steps of the Promenade. The price is for the total price for all nights.

    • Highlights

      2.5 Room Apartment

      X 10-15 minutes walk to the Congress Center

      X 1 Bedroom with 2 Single Beds

      X 1 Folding Bed

      X 1 Dining and Living Room with Sofa

      X 1 Bathroom

    • Description

      Welcome to your private team apartment in Davos, making your stay during Davos Conference Week as possible. Inside your private space, you will find all you need at your convenience to relax after a long day of networking. Please contact us for more information.

    • Services

      We want to make Davos Conference Week 2020 the best experience possible for you. To execute this mission, we have devised some premium services specifically targeted to your needs during an action-packed, full week of networking and business.