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  • Private Downtown Davos Apartment for 4

    This accommodation is a full private apartment and is booked from 19.01.-25.01.2020 (6 nights). It is located at Bahnhofstraße, Davos. The price is the total price for all nights.

    • Highlights


      X 1 Double Bed

      X 2 Sleeping Couches

      X Large Kitchen

      X Large Patio

    • Description

      Located in the very center of Davos, this apartment can 3 guests up to 6 guests maximum. Our full suite of services will provide you with everything you need for the most enjoyable experience. Please contact us for more information.

    • Services

      We want to make Davos Conference Week 2020 the best experience possible for you. To execute this mission, we have devised some premium services specifically targeted to your needs during an action-packed, full week of networking and business.