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  • Filisur Mountain Community: Shared Apartment for 7

    This accommodation is a shared accommodation house and is booked from 19.01.-25.01.2020 (6 nights). It is located in Via Craistas, Filisur. The price is the total price for all nights.

    • Highlights

      #1 Location: Magnificent, direct view of the RhB railway line (UNESCO World Heritage Site), 5 minute walk to the train station.


      #2 Activities: Beautiful, on a hillside and walking distance to the village. Within the village are local shopping centres, amazing local restaurants, and local specialties.


      #3 Luxurious interior: Feel home in a place designed by a passionate interior designer with a fable for modern arts and culture.

    • Description

      A luxurious community apartment is great for networking and meeting other attendees of the Davos conferences and events. Located within walking distance to the historic RhB railway line, this property offers a wonderful view of the Swiss Alps and railway service. You will enjoy your stay at this accommodation in a community of 7 attendees of the events in Davos, giving you the opportunity to connect to other like-minded individuals even outside the event. Please contact us for more information.


      Prices in shared rooms are per person and only count for one single bed or one side of a double bed. The price is not for the full room, as other guests might be sharing it.

    • Services

      We want to make Davos Conference Week 2020 the best experience possible for you. To execute this mission, we have devised some premium services specifically targeted to your needs during an action-packed, full week of networking and business.